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The interview is a very important factor in the evaluation process because it gives program directors an opportunity to assess how well you might fit into their program. But it’s not just about program needs—this is your chance to determine whether the program meets your goals and expectations. Once you send your application and supporting materials to your chosen programs, the interview process begins. Residency interviews usually occur from October through January of your fourth year, with December and January being the busiest interview months. Programs may begin contacting you for interviews as early as September or as late as December—the timing varies by program. Some specialties offer interviews earlier than others. Some programs wait until they receive all application materials and letters of recommendation, including the MSPE. Programs may contact you by email, phone, or through the MyERAS Message Center. We recommend that you have your voicemail set up with a professional, outgoing message and check your email and MyERAS Message Center on a regular basis. Some programs use self-scheduling tools to schedule their interviews, and you’ll have more choices of dates and times if you respond right away to interview invitations.

Residency Interview Prep Panel

University of South Carolina School of Medicine – Columbia hosts a Residency Interview Prep Panel each year to prepare fourth year medical students for interview season. A panel of program directors and coordinators share their experiences and advice to applicants. This year’s event will take place on September 20th at 5:30pm.

HOST Program

If you would like to stay with an alumni for an away rotation or interview, we’d love to hear from you. Our alumni are happy to provide insights about the city in which they live and, occasionally, a specific residency. Some are also able to provide overnight accommodations in their home for you. Many hosts go above and beyond by offering transportation to and from interviews and airports, home cooked meals, guided tours of the area and invaluable professional insight on the regional medical community and your prospective medical center. Every HOST experience will be different and you will benefit every time you use the program. If you would like to use the HOST program please fill out the form located HERE. If you have questions please contact Rachel Onley at or Christy Thomas at